When the art industry to hear James Niles ( James Nares ) name, thought is such a world, tangible sphere in the city streets., a punk rock ribbon dancing in the sky. From London to New York, at the age of seventy Niles in various medium exploration gravity and weightlessness, from painting to film music. On the art of throws and creativity made him an inspiration, especially on the Coach outlet team.Therefore, the COACH team full of Coach Luggage Bags X James Nares this cooperation joy, in a variety of canvas for media artists of life. His 5painting brush painting works were used as a series of luxury large handbag symbolic element. Handbags from Italy double layer made of canvas, using single reinforced suture, to keep the coherence of works. Shoulder strap and a handle with natural color tanned leather, and each Coach outlet handbags handbag base for vegetable tanning dyeing leather." James is the art world idol, therefore, we want to create some truly something out of the ordinary," global brand communication and cooperation senior vice president Jansen wiesenfeld ( Jason Weisenfeld ) said," when such a handbag passed you, you will feel this is a moving painting. They are the true work of art."In the world, each color ( black, blue, green, pink and orange) will only produce 100. Each handbags are marked with a number and a James Signature Leather cards. Coach Carriage Bags X James Nares handbags in May of this year will be specified in the sales.

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